A Reputed Company

  • AddressAson Bangemuda,Kathmandu -25
  • Contact No9851053551 985111798
  • IndustryFinance Companies
  • OwnershipPrivate
  • Organization Size1 - 10 employees


Prabidhi Bikash Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd. has commenced its operations in 2065, according to Co –operative Act 2048.Our objective is to collect capital investment and support via financial, Social, Educational and Cultural development aspects as per organizational norms and values. We also encourage organizational members and affiliated members to add limited saving for investment and to support and respond immediate financial credit support to members to utilize the invested capital and execute for development of community.

Location: Bangemuda,Kathmandu -25

Contact Number: 01-4250716


SN. JobPosition VacantNumber JobCategory
1 Marketing Representative (Male) 1 Marketing / Advertising / Customer Service
2 Senior Accountant 1 Accounting / Finance
3 Assistant Manager 1 Banking / Insurance /Financial Services
4 Marketing Representative Female 1 Marketing / Advertising / Customer Service